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The Average Workday For A Woman

Just a typical day in the office (for a woman)..

The Jubal Show: EP 32

Jubal and Alex sit down and tell ghost stories from the past. Well, except John..

Fresh Till Death: EP 32

Today, Jubal and Alex discuss one of the many difficulties raising a teenager. Let us know if…

Jubal’s Fall Checklist

It’s Fall! Here’s your Fall check list!

“Costume Shops Are Going Rogue”

Halloween has gotten way too sexy and Young Jeffrey has had enough! Instead of Drake’s “(Just) Hold…

The Jubal Show: EP 31

John Slaton is back with a crazy update on last week’s Jubal Show Podcast.

Fresh Till Death: EP 31

Jubal and Alex got a comment from someone in a dysfunctional relationship. So today, they talk about…

“School Flirts”

Middle school was an pivotal time for everybody, and there’s nothing quite as awkward and intense as…

The Jubal Show: EP 30

Alex, Manny Martin and Jubal all sit down and talk to comic John Slaton about his weird…

Fresh Till Death: EP 30

An incident the other day made Jubal and Alex think about the Jaycee Lee Dugard case. Whether…

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