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“Should Have Got My Vaccination”

Young Jeffrey is sick! So he’s using his song of the week to shout out all those…

The Jubal Show: EP 29

Manny Martin drops by and they discuss the news of the week from Tekashi Sixnine snitching on…

Digital Jake Helps End The Show

Sometimes Digital Jake helps us end the show, and most of the time, he’s entirely unhelpful.

Fresh Till Death: EP 29

Jubal & Alex break down this month’s Cosmo where they tell us what squirting is and if…

“Fall Has Arrived”

Its obvious Young Jeffrey’s favorite season is Fall and the best way to express his love for…

The Jubal Show: EP 28

What exactly is the Dark Web?

Fresh Till Death: EP 28

A man sued his wife for having an ugly baby and won! Also we promise to giveaway…

The Jubal Show: EP 27

Jubal debunks popular 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Don’t Miss The Bus Or Else

Here’s a good way to make sure your teenager never misses the bus again.

Fresh Till Death: EP 27

Guys are putting toothpaste on their junk to stop from premature ejaculating.

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