Imagine being a little kid watching Star Wars and wishing that lightsabers were real. Uhhh…this guy DID and decided to make it a reality. And, seriously-it can cut through STEEL.

YouTuber Alex Burkan made a lightsaber with a plasma blade that retracts and reaches temperatures of more than 5,072 degrees — which is more than hot enough to slice through steel.

“All my life I was a great Star Wars fan and the lightsaber was my most-wanted gadget,” Burkan says. “For many years I have collected ideas and spare parts for my lightsaber and power equipment on the Internet markets and scrap yards.”

While Burkan has gotten a spot in the Guinness World Records book, he has plans to do even MORE by working on a real version of Tony Stark’s suit in Iron Man.

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What is something you’ve seen in a movie that you wish would be real?

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