Now, I am saying MAY determine your job. Last I checked, I am not a dictator.

Taking the horoscope route, job website determined some common jobs based on your birth month.


Jobs You’re More Likely To Have By Birth Month

  • January: Debt collectors and general practitioners.
  • February: Artists and traffic wardens.
  • March: Pilots and musicians.
  • April: Dictators.
  • May: Politicians.
  • June: CEOs and Nobel prize winners.
  • July: Bricklayers, train drivers, and artists.
  • August: Bricklayers.
  • September: Athletes and physicists.
  • October: Centenarians or people who live really long lives.
  • November: Serial killers and schizophrenics.
  • December: Dentists.

Check out more info on how they determined this HERE!

Do you think there is truth to any of this? I should know a LOT of serial killers, otherwise.

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