Women Sleep Better with a Dog in Bed Than a Person…That explains why my buddy Mark always got dates! LOL

 Looks like it’s time to make some changes to your sleeping arrangements.  Your significant other?  Demoted to the couch.  Your dog?  Promoted to the little spoon.



We’ve got the results here of a new study out of Canisius College in New York.  (Which isn’t a college founded by dogs, despite the name kinda sounding like it OR the pro-dog propaganda they’re spreading . . .)



And they found that women sleep BETTER when they’re sharing their bed with their DOG than they do when they share it with another person.



The researchers found that women who shared their bed with dogs went to bed earlier, kept a better sleep schedule, AND got disturbed and woken up less often during the night.



They didn’t study whether men sleep better with dogs or other people.



But they DID find one other detail:  Sleeping in bed with a CAT does NOT have the same effect.  Women who had a cat in bed got worse sleep than women who had a dog or a person with them.



(Atlanta Journal Constitution)



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