Even if you’ve never said it out loud, you have definitely wondered why baby carrots are so disturbingly wet when you buy them.

For some reason, Dollar Shave Club did the research for us and revealed that it all has to do with production and keeping the carrots from drying out.

Via Dollar shave Club:

After a regular carrot is chopped to baby length, the pieces are sent into a polishing drum that, combined with water, shapes the carrots into smooth little cylinders. The fact that they’re shaped using water is a portion of the wet equation.

The other reason why they’re so wet is because water is literally added to the bag. Without it, the carrots would dry out. Normally, adult carrots have a protective skin that helps them retain moisture.

That…well, yeah, that all checks out. Read more HERE if you want entertaining commentary from Dollar Shave Club.

PS-Dollar Shave Club: if you ever need someone to endorse your product and talk about wet carrots, I’m your girl.

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