Victoria Monet Spouts Off About The Truth Working with Ariana Grande

Host Tamara Dhia sits down with Grammy Award-winning artist Victoria Monet for an intimate and revealing conversation.

Victoria Monet opens up about her daughter Hazel becoming an internet meme and shares insights into the unpredictability of viral fame and how it’s touched their lives. Despite her incredible talent and accolades, Victoria also discusses the challenges of being consistently underestimated in the industry and how she’s navigated her career with resilience and grace.

In this episode, Victoria sheds light on the truth behind the headlines, including why she believes Ariana Grande is far from the diva the media portrays her as. She takes us behind the scenes and shares what it’s like to meet Beyoncé.

Victoria’s Pen has crafted hits for Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Fifth Harmony, and many more, and you’re sure to find her story both heartfelt and inspiring.

Then, in the second half of this episode, Tamara Dhia and Erik Zachary get into the juicy bits of music’s latest buzz. Is Selena Gomez retiring from music? Beyoncé put her full boot into stepping going country- and hold up, could there be a Beyoncé and Taylor Swift collab on the horizon? Plus, we share our conflicting thoughts on the “Yes, and?” remix with Mariah Carey and more!

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