Wouldn’t it be great (ok and not so great) to look back on our year’s worth of searches on Google? Google has once again shared the top searches done by users over the year. Check them all out HERE, but these are some highlights:

1) NBA
2) DMX
3) Gabby Petito
4) Kyle Rittenhouse
5) Brian Laundrie
6) Mega Millions
7) AMC Stock
8) Stimulus Check
9) Georgia Senate Race
10) Squid Game

1) Mega Millions
2) AMC Stock
3) Stimulus Check
4) Georgia Senate Race
5) GME
6) Dogecoin
7) Hurricane Ida
8) Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
9) Afghanistan
10) Ethereum Price

How to be
1) How to be eligible for stimulus check
2) How to be more attractive
3) How to be happy alone
4) How to be a baddie
5) How to be a good boyfriend
6) How to be a good kisser
7) How to be a flight attendant
8) How to be happy with yourself
9) How to be mindful
10) How to be romantic

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