This Job Will Pay Someone to Smell Dog Poo

People REALLY love their dogs, so I mean…this is probably something up their alley.

A plant-based dog food company in the U.K. called Omni wants to pay people to sniff their dog’s poop.

“For the role to be successful we will ask the owner to record their experience of introducing their dog to a plant-based diet, monitoring their bowel movements, stool odour, health, energy levels, behaviour, sleep pattern and physical attributes, such as weight, skin, and fur condition,” the company writes on its website. “Both at the beginning and the end of the initial two-month period, the dog will receive a general exam from a registered vet to assess how the transition to a plant-based diet has impacted their digestive and general health.”

The chosen employee will be paid £5,000, or over $6,000 U.S. dollars. I don’t see any national restrictions, so if you want to try to apply, go HERE!

You can also read the whole story on this experiment at!

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