Things People Are Embarrassed to Buy
Afraid frightened woman peeking through her fingers

I admit it-I started buying my “women’s items” online. Sure, part of necessity since stores were a no-no for a while, but also because I was embarrassed. I guess I’m not the only person.

Depend recently did a poll of 2 thousand people to find out the things they are most embarrassed to buy. They are:

  1. Condoms – 29%
  2. Emergency contraceptives – 26%
  3. Bed bug spray – 26%
  4. Head lice treatment – 25%
  5. Hemorrhoid cream – 24%
  6. Diarrhea relief – 24%
  7. Pregnancy test – 23%
  8. Incontinence/bladder leakage products – 23%
  9. Period products – 23%
  10. Cold sore treatment – 23%

More than half of those surveyed also said they avoid buying things in stores because of being judged. Woof. Read more about it HERE!

Are you in the same boat?


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