These Are the Top School Supplies on Amazon!
Shopping cart filled with many back to school supplies: calculator, paints, ruler, apple, pens, pencils, glue, erasers, crayons and more. A brown paper lunch sack with the phrase "Back to School" is to the right. A green chalkboard is in the background. Education themes. Elementary school.

Now, when it comes to school supplies, everyone has an opinion on what’s most important. However, if you are looking for what’s top choices over at Amazon, these could be your answers!

At, you can see that some of the big supplies to get this year are cool backpacks, lunch bags (I kind of want them myself), notebooks and clothes! Read more of their list HERE!

Over at (lol, that name), you have a whole list of Crayola products on Amazon that your kids may need! Check them out HERE!

Of course, if you’re in college, maybe crayons won’t do the job (they may, I’m not judging, I have crayons). HERE are Amazon’s best sellers for school and office supplies!

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