The Top Things People Nag Each Other About

Look. We are a people of naggery. I am sure the nagging thing happened back in ancient times, too, with pharaohs getting snippy about how people were laying bricks to make a pyramid. In 2022, though? Well, these apparently are the things people nag about in 2022. Granted, this is a survey of Brits, but as Depeche Mode once said: “People are people.”

1.            Turning off lights

2.            Cleaning up after themselves in general

3.            Putting things back in the wrong place

4.            Having the TV volume too loud

5.            Leaving clothes on the floor

6.            Leaving dishes / cups around the house

7.            Not replacing the toilet roll on the holder (why isn’t this the top item?!)

8.            Going outside and leaving the door wide open in winter

9.            Leaving several pairs of shoes lying around

10.          Walking right past things on the stairs which need taking up


Anyway, if you want to read more about how people nag each other and the rest of the list go HERE!

PS: in my search for a free photo to use for this post, I found this great photo of an older couple arguing in the car. Not sure why it amuses me, but Barb looks like she’s really laying into Chuck for his bad driving.

Couple inside car arguing

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