The Top Sounds That Trigger Happy Memories

ASMR is a thing these days because, I assume, we all need soothing happy sounds. But what are the top sounds that bring people memories of happy moments?

A new study ranked the sounds people say makes them nostalgic about happy moments. They have 40 on their list, but here is their top ten:

1.           A specific song or piece of music

2.           Waves crashing on the shore

3.           Birdsong

4.           A crackling fireplace

5.           Walking on fresh snow

6.           A waterfall

7.           Cat purring

8.           Trees blowing in the wind

9.           Rain on the window pane

10.         Rustling leaves

One of my favorite sounds, in general, is the bicycle horn noise you can make with the Nintendo Switch. Or certain songs take me back to when I was younger, which is a very old thing to say.

Check out more HERE!

What noise triggers happy memories for YOU?

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