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The Top Gift to Give Someone Who Has Everything

We all have that person (sometimes people) who have everything. You think you have found something super clever for them for the holidays or a birthday and, it turns out, they already got it for themselves! Luckily, there are some go-to gifts that work for everyone. Even that person who has everything.

A new survey from OnePoll found the most universally accepted gifts for the holidays.

  1. Chocolate – 58%
  2. Holiday gift baskets – 50%
  3. Gift cards – 49%
  4. Clothing accessories (hats, mittens, slippers, etc.) – 48%
  5. Socks – 42%
  6. Seasonal popcorn – 41%
  7. Pajamas – 40%
  8. Self-care items – 39%
  9. Cash – 37%
  10. Food – 35%

Honestly? Yes, I like all of these. Though I probably have too many socks now. How about you Do you think these gifts work for everyone?

Check out more on these results and more HERE!

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