The State with the Best Tacos is…

I’m not even going to leave you hanging. You and I KNOW that California is the best state for tacos! Personally, I never bothered with tacos or Mexican food in general when I would travel to the east coast. No contest. Same goes for future trips anywhere out of state!

According to website, yes-California is the best when it comes to our beloved tacos. One city, in particular, stood out: Huntington, CA.

Located just south of Los Angeles proper, Huntington Park has a prominently Hispanic/Latino population. So, it’s no surprise that this is simply the best city for tacos in California, which is chock full of taco hot spots. Living in Huntington Park puts you around a half hour from both downtown L.A. and the beach, but do you really want to leave the cozy cocoon of fantastic taco spots you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in?

Other states that make a great taco include Texas, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey (really?!), Arizona, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

Wanna check out the other cities killing it in the game of tacos? Check out’s whole list HERE!

Now, let’s remake Tupac and Dre’s “California Love” and make it all about tacos!



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