(sorry for posting the clean version of the song, but ya know…grandmas)

I have to talk about this or it will drive me nuts.

Those drums in Lizzo’s “Rumors:” is that Nirvana? Or, rather, Nirvana doing Gap Band? 

By the way, while those drums first pop up in the video for “Rumors” there is a nice tribute to legendary badass Sister Rosetta Tharpe who you should read about HERE!

Anyway, the first time I heard the song, I lost my mind at those drums because-hello there, I may have a giant love for and background with rock music.  I have looked high and low for info on the drum section of the song and can’t find anything yet, so I am using this opportunity to geek out. 

So, here is my excuse to talk about Lizzo, Dave Grohl, Nirvana, and Gap Band all at once. Watch Dave Grohl explain how he lifted the drums for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from the Gap Band below:

So, you know…if I find out Dave Grohl is on the next Lizzo album, my mind will be gone.

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