(Heads up, there is a swear word at the end of this clip, so you know…don’t watch it at work or play it on the radio)

According to a British survey, people are swearing more than they did five years ago. Granted, this is in the U.K., but I guarantee this is a global thing thanks to the steaming turd 2020 was.

Via The Guardian:

  • Six in 10 people say strong language, such as the F word, is part of their daily lives.
  • About a third of people say they use strong language more than they did five years ago. The figure is slightly higher for women (32%) than men (27%).
  • There is a generation divide when it comes to swearing with 46% of generation Zs – people born after 1996 – saying they frequently use strong language. That compares with 12% for people aged 55-64.
  • Asked about swearing in public, 65% of over-55s say they would never do it; for 18-24-year-olds the figure is 25%.
  • Most parents don’t want their kids hearing them swear with only one in five admitting they are comfortable using strong language in the home.

Read more about this HERE!

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