I watch my crime shows, but I am a little dumb about some laws in the U.S. Boy, do I love it when laws are dumber than me!

Zippia compiled some of the strangest laws in the U.S. and they are doozies.

My favorite?

In Arizona, you could face legal recourse if you let your donkey sleep in a bathtub.


Here’s more:

Spiteful gossip or talking behind someone’s back is illegal in Indiana.

Scaring a pigeon in Massachusetts is illegal.

It’s illegal to fall asleep while lying down in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

And the award for most sexist law on the list:

It’s against the law for four or more women who aren’t related to rent a house or apartment together in Missouri.

This law stumbles on the line between strange and just simply ridiculous. In Missouri, it’s actually illegal for more than four women to rent a living space together according to a regulation called the ‘Brothel Law’ that was enacted in an effort to curtail prostitution.

Read about these and more strange laws in the U.S. HERE!

Check out the video for even MORE!

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