You know, toilet paper has been a hot commodity lately. Honestly, it’s been super important to me since…well, since I started using it.

Have you ever wondered, “What did people use before toilet paper?” Good, I’m glad you asked (or didn’t) because I am about to make this whole thing classier.

MANY things have been used before we got our soft, cushiony two-ply as you can see in the video above. I want to focus on corn cobs. My God, yes. People wiped with corn cobs.

From Farmer’s Almanac:

In rural agrarian communities, handfuls of straw were frequently used, but one of the most popular items to use for clean-up was dried corncobs. They were plentiful and quite efficient at cleaning. They could be drawn in one direction or turned on an axis. They were also softer on tender areas than you might think. Even after toilet paper became available, some people in Western states still preferred corncobs when using the outhouse.

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