Let’s be honest: it’s hard to not love Jackie Chan. The dude can do anything, whether it be stunts, acting, teaching, and-of course-SING! So much, in fact, that Jackie Chan has released at least 20 albums since the ’80s!

Via Cinema Blend:

Jackie Chan’s talent as an artist goes beyond martial and into vocal as well, having released 20 albums since the mid-‘80s on which he sings in multiple languages. He is also known for recording songs for many of his own films, beginning with “Kung Fu Fighting Man” for 1980’s The Young Master and, later, the Cantonese-language main theme to his Police Story movies, “Hero Story,” which the Royal Hong Kong Police would use for recruitment advertisements in the 1994.

Check out more on this and other facts about Jackie Chan HERE!

I am willing to bet Jackie Chan is great at hugs, too.

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