You ever do that happy dance when you’re eating something delicious? I know I do. Lord, there is a Winnie the Pooh Gif that perfectly describes what us happy food dancers do!

BUT did you know gorillas kind of do the same thing? It’s true!

From OneEarth.Org:

The vocalization seems to be a way for gorillas to express contentment with their meal, as well as for the head of the family to communicate to others that it is dinnertime. Each gorilla has its own distinct voice, and they sing louder for their favorite food.

Leuf found that while all gorillas in captivity sing while eating, in the wild, only dominant ‘silverback’ males sing, to inform the group that it’s mealtime and no one is excused. “He’s the one making the collective decisions for the group,” Luef told New Scientist. “We think he uses this vocalization to inform the others ‘OK, now we’re eating’.”

Check out more info HERE!

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