As my collection of chips grows on my counter (I am ashamed, yet not ashamed), I take joy in knowing that Frito-Lay is hard at work trying to keep our sodium levels high.

Frito-Lay makes a LOT of things, like Cheetos, Doritos, their original Lay’s potato chips and more. When I say they make a lot of things, I mean in the ballpark of about 16 BILLION.

Some facts from Food Insider:

  • In 2018, Frito-Lay North America produced more than 16 billion bags of snacks across its 29 brands, which include Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, Lay’s, Ruffles, and Tostitos.
  • There are 31 Frito-Lay manufacturing sites across 21 states. The largest Frito-Lay site in terms of bags produced and site square footage is located in Perry, Georgia.
  • With over 80 years in the snack business, Frito-Lay services approximately 315,000 retail customers in the US and Canada.

Read more HERE!

What is your favorite snack from Frito-Lay?

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