Mountain Dew is taking things to a whole other level. They will launch a birthday cake-flavored soda. 

They haven’t officially announced it, but a photo of the product has popped up on Reddit

Mountain Dew Cake-Smash is described as a “rush of artificial cake flavor.”

The text on the can reportedly reads, “In 2021, it is time to celebrate you in the most epic. Way. Possible. Let’s do over your missed milestone-whether it was a Birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or life itself! This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with Mountain Dew Smash Cake.

I’m thinking it’s the brand’s way of celebrating their 80th, but who knows?

Does this sound good or disgusting to you?

I know you can make cake using Mountain Dew, buuuuut…hard pass for me.

Read more about it HERE!

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