Make Money Facing Your Fears!

Remember the show ‘Fear Factor?’ This is kind of like this, but with less Joe Rogan (yay!).

So, what are you afraid of? Clowns? Heights? Spiders? Crippling debt? Facing your fears could get you hooked up with over $1,000! It’s kind of like getting paid for therapy. have their Face Your Fear Challenge!

From Your Local Security:

1. Applicants will choose a fear from our list—heights, clowns, spiders, snakes, water, public speaking—or pitch their own fear in hopes of being chosen as our new Courage Consultant. 

2. Once chosen, they will be challenged to face their chosen fear via an activity located in their area. For example, a fear of heights would require a task, be it rock climbing, ziplining, or even skydiving. 

3. Once the task is complete and the experience cataloged on social media, we’ll fork over $1,031 in cash.

You have until November 8th to apply HERE!

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