KFC and Crocs Teamed Up on a Pair of Fried Chicken Crocs!
  • If you love KFC’s fried chicken as well as Crocs, then you’ll love wearing the scent of chicken wherever you go!
  • KFC plus Crocs equals a pair of fried-chicken Crocs, with a chicken-scented drumstick on top.
  • The shoe collab debuted this week at New York Fashion Week.
  • The crispy clogs even come with the KFC bucket stripes at the bottom.
  • The shoes will be released in the spring for a finger-licking $60!
  • Will you be sporting the new Fried Chicken Crocs? Will you be seen with anybody sporting Fried Chicken Crocs?
  • Here’s the link to purchase: www.crocs.com/KFC.

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