I’ve had several people ask…Why I named my daughter Winnie?

Well to be honest we were expecting a boy… we didn’t know the gender but Kait “Felt” like it was a boy… so we had a boy name picked out…and a list of 20 girl names… when Winnie was born we both looked at each other and said “What do we name her?” So we busted out our short list and narrowed it down to Harper, Quin, Willow, Nora and Winnie…I decided to look up the meaning of each to see if that would help…and nothing stood out… until I got to Winnie… The name’s meaning is fair one; white and smooth; soft; happiness; or fair and pure. The popularity of the name Winnie steadily declined among American women in the 20th century… I looked up and said “She’s Winnie” … Kait looked down at her and said “Welcome to the world Winnie”… it just felt right… the pressure of naming a child is pretty immense…I thought of the possible name calling and teasing… I wanted it to be unique but still traditional…the only Winnie’s I’ve ever heard of are from The Wonder Years TV Show and Winnie the Pooh…but beyond that…nothing…I’m hoping she likes the name…But only time will tell…In the mean time…I’m going to change another diaper…#winnie #name #daughter




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