Instagram To Start Hiding ‘Like’ Counts in the U.S. This Week

‘Likes’ on your posts may be a thing of the past… To the public, at least.

The CEO of Instagram says the platform will start hiding U.S. users’ like counts starting THIS week. “We’re testing making like counts private,” Adam Mosseri says. “You’ll be able to see how many people liked a given post, but no one else will.” The move is part of Instagram’s quest to become the safest of all social media platforms.

It is currently thought that there’s so much pressure to post on the gram that it is making people sick, unhealthy mentally and creating a culture that is super competitive and that was not the original intent of the social media platform.

“The idea is to try to de-pressurize Instagram,” Mosseri added.

So, who’s it getting tested on? Not sure… but it isn’t all Americans at once.

Happy gramming!

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