How to deal with loss of a loved one…

I lost my mother on Friday and I’ve had a immense amount of love and support from the Bakersfield community. Multiple people have come up to me to give me a hug or just say they were thinking about my family. I really appreciate that… The number one question I get is ” how come your not taking any time off?” and the answer is fairly easy to explain… When I’m alone is when it hurts the most… When I spend time by myself I cry and cry often… but when i’m around others… I feel comfort in the fact that I still have friends and family here that want to support me… I find the love my mother always gave me in my children and with my wife. So for me coming to work and doing the show is a way to take a break from the pain and sorrow I feel. I know from experience that this Felling will never go away… but it will ease up over time… I’m not an expert on how to deal with Death… but I will say.. What ever it is that makes you feel better… (In a healthy manner) Do it… There is no “Right” way to deal with a loss… There is no appropriate way to say good bye to the one you loved… If life was that easy then we’d all do the same thing and it would be very easy to move on… I know i’m not alone… I know my pain is shared by others… But I also know that this life is a gift and that gift comes with very limited Time to enjoy it… So as I continue to grieve my mothers passing… I also continue to celebrate my family love… my love for God…. and my love for the joy that is still left on this planet… I want my children to see how to mourn the passing of a loved one… But I also want them to see that its ok to keep on living…


RIP Diana J. Brown




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