How Much Will That Check Engine Light Cost You?

Nothing ruins a day like that weird shaped red light coming on while you’re enjoying your favorite song. But how much will it cost to take care of that issue?

According to a new report from, the average repair cost of a check engine light issue was $393 in 2021, which was up 3.6% from 2020. But it’s down from a 13-year high of $398 in 2016.

There’s also a list of the 10 most common issues . . . and a catalytic converter replacement is #1. Naturally, that’s also the priciest repair at more than $1,300. The oxygen sensor ($243) is the second-most common issue . . . followed by the spark plugs ($388) . . . the mass air flow sensor ($320) . . . and the fuel tank cap, which is the best case scenario, since that’s only about $25. Then there’s the ignition coils ($215) . . . the fuel injectors ($421) . . . replacing the thermostat ($236) . . . and two different issues involving the “evaporative emissions purge,” which will run you around $150 each.

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