Here Are the Top Ten Signs Someone Has Their Life Together… how many do you have?


If you don’t have your life together . . . and who the hell does? . . . here’s your guide to making it happen.  Or faking it.  I think I’m just gonna fake it.



A new survey asked people to name the signs that someone has their life together.  Here are the top 10 . . .



1.  Owning a home, 50% say that’s a sign.


2.  Following through on plans, 43%.


3.  Keeping up a regular exercise routine, 38%.


4.  Having a high-paying job, 38%.


5.  Married, 37%.


6.  Eating healthy, 37%.


7.  Owning a car, 33%.


8.  Wearing nice clothes, 33%.


9.  Keeping eye contact during conversations, 31%.


10.  Smelling good, 27%.



(New York Post)



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