If you had told me that spending my time watching movies from my childhood could get me hooked up with money, I would have…well, I would have continued to watch movies from my childhood.

USDish is looking for someone to live out a nostalgic dream and watch five favorite movies from childhood for a chance to make $1,234!

From USDish:

You’re an ideal candidate if you take detailed notes on how each movie made you feel as a kid versus watching now as an adult, share the nostalgic moments on your social media and, of course, party on, dude.

For an even more excellent adventure, invite your kids (if applicable) to watch your favorite five with you.

You’ll have 15 days to complete your trip down nostalgia lane, and, remember, you choose the five movies to watch for a chance to win $1,234. It’s so easy, it’s—dare we say, inconceivable! You have a better chance of being selected if you submit a video in your application, so keep that in mind when you apply below.

Check out more info and to apply HERE!

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