This does not just apply to any type of Doritos with the word “Flamin'” in the name.

This sounds super concerning, but…Doritos are flammable. A lot of things are flammable, but there’s something odd about know our chips can start fires. It’s okay, it’s just science!


Doritos chips are flammable and burn easily. This is because they are made with corn starch (carbohydrate), but mostly because they are coated in vegetable oil. They wont ignite at low temperatures, but once ignited, they can sustain flame for a while.

Ground corn is essentially corn starch and that means it’s a carbohydrate – more complex than sugar but still ideal fuel for a fire. Vegetable oil is straight-up flammable and as anyone who has worked in a kitchen will know, straight vegetable oil is fairly easy to set on fire.

Read more about this HERE!

Would you ever try to start a fire with Doritos?

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