60% Of Americans Report Undesired Weight Change During Pandemic

First and foremost…PLEASE don’t feel ashamed if you gained or lost weight that you did not want during the pandemic. The world has been bonkers and coping is done in different ways. Some of us *coughmecough* may have resorted to day drinking and emotional eating. Others may have found exercise. I genuinely hope this info does not hurt you in any way because I think you are great the way you are. End rant.

According to the American Psychological Association, most Americans have had a weight change as a result of the pandemic.

Experts say that 42% of adults said they gained weight they didn’t want and 18% said they lost more weight than intended and that the average amount of weight gained was 29 pounds.

The APA stated that the main reasons for weight gain/weight loss is from staying home combined with mental disturbance. The financial toll of the pandemic led people to buy cheaper snack items that tend to be higher in calories and sugar.

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How did you cope with the weirdness of the pandemic?

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