Have you ever wanted to live in a sci-fi-inspired world? Then you’ll definitely want to check out BuzzFeed’s list of 17 forward-thinking inventions that’ll make you believe “the future is here.” Here are 10 from the list (you can see all at the link below):

  1. A credit card that changes its CVV number every four hours.
  2. A refrigerator that has REVOLVING LEVELS so you can reach everything with ease.
  3. Homework that comes with a code that can be scanned and will take students to an instruction video from the teacher.
  4. A robot that patrols the grocery store and cleans spills.
  5. A projector that retracts back into the ceiling and looks like a ceiling tile.
  6. An ATM that lets you decide which bills you want: It tells you “Any way you like it–$1, $5, $20, $50 or $100 bills.”
  7. A noise tracker that sits in the library and changes colors when folks get too loud.
  8. A battery that’s rechargeable via a USB.
  9. A TV light simulator that can trick people into thinking somebody’s home, warding off burglars.
  10. A keypad that changes the order of the numbers every time it’s used so people can’t decode a password based on hand movements.

    Get the full list HERE.

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