15 Rude Things People Do at Grocery Stores

You ever get mad at people at the grocery store? I know I have. Now, I have been to the grocery store like three times in the past year and two of those times were to get my vaccine.

STILL-there are things that can irk me, even with the new Covid restrictions.

According to Reader’s Digest, here are 15 things people do at the grocery store that are considered rude.

  1. Not putting your shopping carts away.
  2. Leaving the checkout line to grab another item
  3. Leaving the checkout counter to grab another item
  4. Abandoning essential items at checkout
  5. Blocking the aisle with your cart
  6. Not following the arrows on the floor
  7. Cutting the line
  8. Encroaching on anyone else’s personal space
  9. Gaming the express lane
  10. Letting your kids misbehave
  11. Showing up at a time designated for other people
  12. Not putting items you no longer want back where they belong
  13. Sampling food (unless it’s actually offered as a sample)
  14. Helping yourself to your haul before paying
  15. Being rude or inconsiderate in any other way

Are you guilty of any of these? Do you agree that these are rude?

Check out the whole list and more info HERE!

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