The world has changed a lot and we, as a society, are currently in what is known as a “gig economy.” Meaning, a lot of people have side projects happening to make extra income. Outside of my work with the station, for example, I have side work that I do to keep things steady. I know a lot of people aren’t into that type of thing, but I love it! I think the video above explains just why so many people are going into the “side hustle” business.

A brand new report courtesy of found that over 2.8 million people in America have side hustles!  As far as Bakersfield is concerned, there are almost 3,800 doing that kind of work.


The analysis found that in the Bakersfield metro area, 1.7% of workers have a side hustle, compared to 2.5% at the national level. The median total income for Bakersfield metro workers with a side hustle, including wage and salary income, is $76,000. Here is a summary of the data for the Bakersfield, CA metro area:

  • Percentage of workers with a side hustle: 1.7%
  • Total workers with a side hustle: 3,783
  • Median total income for workers with a side hustle: $76,000
  • Median side hustle income: $12,000
  • Median total income for all workers: $45,000

For reference, here are the statistics for the entire United States:

  • Percentage of workers with a side hustle: 2.5%
  • Total workers with a side hustle: 2,866,080
  • Median total income for workers with a side hustle: $75,000
  • Median side hustle income: $6,800
  • Median total income for all workers: $50,000

Are you among the many who have side hustles? What kind of work do you do?

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