The Top Five Ways Your Boss Wastes Your Time at Work

You might get in trouble if you’re caught wasting time on social media when you’re supposed to be working.  But according to a new survey, here are the top five ways your BOSS wastes your time at work . . .



1.  Wasteful meetings.  They’re either pointless, or drag on longer than they need to.  57% of people said they get in the way of work.



2.  Too many emails.  53% said sifting through them and replying is a huge time waster.  That’s up 10% from last year.



3.  Unexpected phone calls, 39%.



4.  Excessive oversight, where your boss doesn’t trust you enough, 34%.



5.  Not being organized enough when it comes to company workflow, 30%.  Meaning you’re always waiting on someone else to do THEIR job before you can do yours.



Another one that made the top ten is when your boss over-delegates.  Meaning they ask you to do stuff even if they could do it faster.





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