One of the Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries Could Help Cure Baldness…Danny IS SO EXCITED!!!

Bald and overweight describes a sizable portion of America . . . the SEXIEST portion if you ask me.  But one of the things MAKING us so chunky could end up helping with the chrome-dome thing . . .



Researchers in Japan just announced a new potential CURE for baldness that involves one of the ingredients in MCDONALD’S FRENCH FRIES.  (???)



The chemical is called DMPS, short for dimethylpolysiloxane (die-METH-uhl-polly-sill-OX-ane).  It’s a type of silicone they add to the fryer grease to keep it from frothing up.  It’s also in other fried food.  And lots of restaurants use it, not just McDonald’s.



The researchers used it to help mass produce a specific type of cell that helped develop hair follicles.  Then they put thousands of those cells on the skin of mice.  And the mice started growing new hair in a matter of DAYS.



Unfortunately, just eating McDonald’s French fries won’t help you regrow any hair.  If that was true, we’d already be the hairiest nation in the history of the planet.  And don’t start rubbing French fry grease all over your head.  That won’t work either.



But the researchers think the new treatment that uses the chemical could be a huge leap toward curing male pattern baldness.



(Newsweek / Science Daily)






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