A New Cheap Cancer Treatment Is Completely Killing Tumors in Mice…this is great news!

This could save MILLIONS of lives.  Researchers at Stanford University have been working on a new, relatively cheap cancer treatment that involves injecting two immune-boosting agents directly into tumors.  And it’s ERADICATING tumors in mice.



Some people are calling it a “vaccine,” which is kind of misleading.  It’s not really a vaccine in the traditional sense, but does have to do with boosting your immunity.



Basically, when your body detects cancer, your T-cells start attacking it.  But over time, the tumors can start to overpower your immune system and keep growing.



In the study, the two immune-boosting agents basically jump-started those T-cells again, so they could keep attacking the tumor until it was completely DESTROYED.



But that’s not all.  When the T-cells were done killing one tumor, they started attacking OTHER identical tumors that hadn’t even been injected.  So in other words, they killed one tumor, then moved on to other areas of the body where the cancer had spread.



One of the immune-boosting agents is already approved for use in humans, and the other is in the process of being approved.  The study involved mice with a specific type of lymphoma.  But the researchers think it could potentially work on ALL cancers.



Just to give you an idea of how well it worked, they tried it on 90 different mice, and 87 of them were cured.



(NY Daily News / Stanford.edu)


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