I’m exhausted… new baby = No sleep…


Well I was up 9 times last night… I feel like i’m drunk… not the good kind of happy drunk… the “I’m exhausted get me off this ride drunk” … Good news is Winnie has gained a full pound in the first week. Our doctor has said she has┬ájaundice… but is getting better. My mom has suggested taking her out side to get sun… Yesterday we walked around the river bed and tried to keep the other children occupied. I’ve official changed 23 diapers in one week … my wife is well over 50… This girl can poop! That’s a good thing. I keep holding her and looking at this little person we created and can’t help but feel the overwhelming responsibility that comes with being a new father. She is so dependent on us.. and I love it. I cuddled with her yesterday for an hour as we napped… My wife Kait has been a champion baby strapped to her and she is off and running doing chores and keeping track of the kids. I’m so blessed to have her in my live… I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else… Today life is good… Except for the sleep… I tried to watch the new Rosanne last night… I laughed my self asleep and then woke up 30 min later to Winnie crying for food. I’m really going to miss this part of my life… it will pass… and I will look back with fondness of the time I shared with them.



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