A Couple Sues Their Wedding Photographer For Mainly Taking Photos of the Bridesmaids’ Boobs and Butts…

Steph and Paul Unwin from Cheshire, England got married back in June of 2015, and they were excited when they got their wedding photos back. . . until they looked through them.



Their photographer, David Kilcourse, hadn’t captured the key moments from the day . . .  he didn’t get any pictures of their parents . . . in fact, there were only 11 photos that even had the GROOM in them.



Instead, he’d mostly photographed two of the bridesmaids’ BOOBS and BUTTS.



So back in 2016, they sued him and won an $800 settlement when he didn’t show up in court.



But now Steph and Paul found out that David is still working as a wedding photographer.  So they went PUBLIC to try to save any other couples who might hire him and have him ruin their wedding pictures.






(Here are his boob and butt pictures from the wedding.)


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