A Bank Robber Is Caught After He Stops During His Getaway to Do an On-Camera News Interview

When a TV reporter got assigned to do a THRILLING and HARD HITTING story about some random intersection in an Atlanta suburb with a lot of traffic, I guarantee she had NO idea just how important it would be.



A reporter from the CBS affiliate in Atlanta named Ashley Thompson was out near the intersection in Lawrenceville, Georgia last week looking for people to interview about all the traffic at the intersection.



A 24-year-old guy named Eric Rivers walked past and she asked him if he wanted to talk about it.  He said yes, and he gave an interview on camera.



Here’s what Ashley didn’t know:  Eric had just ROBBED a bank.  And after the interview, he went and robbed ANOTHER one.



The staff at the first bank saw him go toward the CBS news van, and they told the cops.  They reviewed the interviews that Ashley did, they spotted Eric in the footage, and then they tracked him down and arrested him.



(CBS 46 – Atlanta)


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