87% of people say they are Happier when they play music at home…

Happy smiling young woman in eyeglasses lying on sofa with book in hands near glass table with cup of coffee. Attractive lady feeling satisfied while reading funny book, relaxing at home on weekend

Maybe sitting quietly at home in complete silence ISN’T anyone’s idea of fun?



According to a new survey, apparently the key to having a much better life is as simple as playing music at home.



Check out these stats about people who listen to music at home . . .



1.  They average three hours and 13 minutes more family time a week.


2.  They feel 87% happier than they did before they would play music at home.


3.  83% say chores are easier.


4.  50% say they like cooking more . . . and they spend 20% more time cooking with their significant other.


5.  And finally, they have 67% more sex.



(Slipped Disc)



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