4% of People Handle Arguments by Storming Out, Plus Other Immature Things We Do in Relationships…

Even though you’re an adult, sometimes it’s awfully satisfying to handle your problems like a toddler.



According to a new survey, 4% of people say a good way to handle an argument with their significant other is to storm out of the room.



And that’s not the only IMMATURE thing we do . . .



1.  8% of people give their significant other the silent treatment when they’re mad.


2.  3.5% say if they thought their partner might be cheating, they’d immediately start telling their family and friends.


3.  2% withhold sex to get their way.


4.  And 2% say that instead of having make-up sex after an argument, they have sex DURING the argument.



On a brighter note, the survey also found 50% of people say the best way to spend quality time together is watching Netflix on the couch.



(PR Newswire)


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